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Your Neighborhood – 5 Ways to Keep it Safe

Posted by TheLocalPolice Date: December 19, 2015


Your Neighborhood – 5 Ways to Keep it Safe

Could you be a victim of crime? Absolutely! Does it necessitate keeping your doors locked 24/7 and hiding in your house behind closed blinds? No, because if you do this you are already a victim. There are ways to keep your neighborhood safe and crime free without hiding out.


It just takes concerned citizens in your neighborhood to get together and work out a plan to keep crime out! Here are 5 things you need to know and do to keep everyone safe.

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  1. Canvass your neighborhood to speak with your friends and neighbors about any concerns they have. Let them know that you are planning on having a meeting soon, and invite them to attend to voice their concerns or make suggestions on ways to make your neighborhood safe for everyone. You can have this meeting in your own home, that of a friend, or you might want to make use of a larger hall or club.
  2. Take out an ad in a local paper to make sure you reach everyone in your community.  The more people involved, the better. Post fliers around town and call your local radio station and ask to make a public announcement or have them do it for you. Do all you can to get your neighbors and the community involved.
  3. Appoint a spokesperson or leader to the group. Someone who is willing to organize and work with the community, as well as being well known in the area. He or she will be responsible for letting the public know what is being done, how it is being accomplished, and when things will take effect. This spokesperson will also be the one that you will voice your concerns to, and he or she will in turn speak to law enforcement personnel.
  4. Set up neighborhood watch programs in yours and other neighborhoods. Police departments have all the information you need to set up an efficient program that will be a benefit for everyone. Don’t be intimidated by them because they are there to help you, and will be more than willing to attend your meetings to offer advice and suggestions. They can also answer questions about what is being done to keep the community safe, and how crime is being handled in the area.
  5. Keep an eye on the activity in your own neighborhood and report anything that seems suspicious to you, no matter how insignificant you may think it is. It’s often the little things you notice that may later become a clue to a crime that has been committed. This doesn’t mean that you have to phone the police every time you see a car you don’t recognize, but one that seems to be driving by more than normal may be a cause for concern. When in doubt, however, DO call.

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As the economic picture becomes more troubling, we are unfortunately going to see more crime in areas where it never happened before. Before your neighborhood becomes one of these places make sure you and your neighbors are in agreement on how these problems are to be handled.

Watch out for each other, be vigilant to anything that looks suspicious or out of character in the neighborhood, and don’t hesitate to call for help if you see a crime being committed. Good neighbors are often hard to find, so be a good neighbor yourself and keep an eye on yours!

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