All public meetings of Coleraine DPP commence with the District Commander presenting his report on the performance of the local PSNI during the previous months.

Following this presentation, members of the DPP question the District Commander on the content of the report and the progress that is being made towards the targets in the local policing plan.

The District Commander responds to any written questions that were received in advance of the meeting, before members of the public are given an opportunity to ask a question directly of the District Commander.  Alternatively, a member of the public may ask the DPP to raise an issue on their behalf.  This can be done by speaking to one of the members during a formal break in the meeting.

Members of the DPP are given a final opportunity to ask questions of the District Commander before the meeting is closed.

All meetings of the DPP are governed by the Standing Orders (pdf 109 KB).  Click the link to view a copy.