District Policing Partnerships

The District Policing Partnership (DPP) holds plenary meetings in both business and public session.  

Meetings in Public

Members of the public are welcome to attend and participate at meetings of the Partnership in public session, held on a regular basis in venues throughout the district.  These meetings allow for senior police officers to deliver their report on the policing of the district and to be questioned by the Partnership.

Meetings in public offer the wider community the opportunity to become involved in neighbourhood policing, and are designed to highlight the work of the Partnership and police in the most transparent manner possible.  

Any member of the public can submit a question to be asked of the local police at such meetings.  Questions on the policing of your community, or the district, should be forwarded to the DPP Manager for consideration at the next available meeting.  The process for doing this is detailed in, how to ask a question.   

Details on the next meeting in public can be obtained by contacting the DPP Manager.

Business Meetings

At meetings in business session the DPP prepares for the public meeting and undertakes other tasks including the development of the consultation process, negotiating policing priorities and discussing various matters raised by the public.


Ad hoc sub-committees administered by the Manager are also convened, as directed by plenary meetings of the Partnership.